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Firm and Fair with Purpose

If the classroom is shaking.  The foundation is unstable. 
Rich Korb

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Questions from the schoolhouse
Answers    from – Rich Korb,
 The Behavior Answer Man

K-8 School Assembly

The Bicycle Cowboy

Bring This School Assembly and
Classroom Presentations to Your School

  Leadership Academy for Young People

Rich shares about his bicycle journeys around the country through a power point presentation while demonstrating why the DNA of life - desire leads to dedication, determination, discipline and how adversity can strengthen self-worth in young people.

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Complete journal of the Washington to Wisconsin 1900 mile bicycle trip

Perfect reading material for classroom discussions about self-confidence and leadership building.


The Student Catch Net

This necessary collection of processes needed for every student to learn in a controlled learning environment, contains 35 years of proven Best Practice research.

The Student Catch Net is the guide through 
the theory and practicum documents for implementing more time to teach, and leads to reduced defiant and disruptive behavior. 

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Popular Book

208 Positive Classroom

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3+6=1; Desired Behavior Changing Formula

Stop the nightmare of defiant and disruptive behavior.  This Best Practice strategy has been endorsed by the very students who have benefit from being in classes where the process for classroom control has brought about a calm and productive learning environment.

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